eyeUNIFY is a new professional wall management software, setting
new technological standards. The modular, web-based concept of
the software allows for operation across platforms, different operating
systems and a freely scalable number of clients.

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Open Source

eyeUNIFY source code is published under the GNU GPLv3 license. The software is distributed in combination with IT hardware products from eyevis.

Operating System Independent

Server and applications can run on your favourite operating system

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Once you have purchased eyeUNIFY, the license will be valid for the rest of your life (perpetual license). Different packages for service and support make future costs transparent and calculable.

Based on Web Technology Standards

eyeUNIFY makes use of current web technology standards for communication and interactions.

Easy Scalability

Start small and add serverv, clients, sources and devices depending on your needs without any license issues. Make use of load balancing and HA web technologies.


Use it with your hardware, database, VNC Server/Viewer or user-directory of your choice.


eyeUNIFY Modules

Tested 3rd Party Software

Web-based user interface

Intuitive easy to use web interface.

Touch-Optimized UI

Controls and buttons designed to appear properly also on mobile toch-controlled devices

Responsive Design

eyeUNIFY user-interface adapts responsively to your device in hand: PC, Tablet, Smartphone, …

Customizable User-Interface

Change the design of eyeUNIFY to fit in your CI or Software environment.

Core Features

User Management over LDAP/AD

Connect eyeUNIFY to your existing LDAP/Active Directory and make use of role based user management and centralized user authentification

Encrypted Communication

Secure system architecture that provides the possibility to use SSL/TLS encrypted communication.

Free Positioning and Resizing

Resize and position the content source freely on the desktop area.

Layout Management

Easily save a configured arrangement of sources as a layout. Layouts can be used in two ways. They can be used as a new source group or recall the arrangement on the entire video wall.

Multi-Display Wall Management

eyeUNIFY can scale from single display configuration over multi-screen controllers up to limitless distributed video wall systems.

Open SOAP Interface

Implement your own modules or connect your existing software over the open SOAP interface.

Seamless Software Implementation

Easy extend the function of eyeUNIFY with implementation existing software


System Monitoring

Use the (nagios) integration to get an easy overview of the status of your system.


Remote Control of VNC Clients

Automatic integration of noVNC for remote control your VNC sources


Preview Images

Drag and drop preview images from library.

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