How to Get eyeUNIFY ?

In order to obtain eyeUNIFY, it must be purchased along with compatible eyevis IT hardware components. eyeUNIFY video wall management software is available in three different versions – Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate – which differ in their functional range.


Compatible IT-Hardware Systems:
->  netPIX Videowall-Controller (
-> IP-based epuWALL-Video Wall Systems (


Once you bought an eyeUNIFY license, it will be valid for the rest of your life (perpetual license). For the first year of the installation a 12-month “Security & Software Update“-package is mandatory. As an option, the “Security & Software Update“-Package can be extended. A further cost-efficient option is the possibility to purchase “System-Support” volume packages that save costs for possible future support requirements.

Download the “How to Get eyeUNIFY” Guide as PDF


Downloadable earlier eyeUNIFY Versions

eyeUNIFY stable (1.2)


– Easier configuration
Simply configure users and roles in your application server’s interface. No custom files needed.


– New JavaScript plugin system
Easily integrate new software or different behaviours.
– VNC for distributed walls
The new cross platform VNC viewer is capable of spanning over multiple machines of a distributed video wall.
– Audio control for HDMI/DisplayPort inputs
Control your audio volume of suitable input cards.


– New web interface
Use the screen space more efficiently, even on small screens.
– Touch optimized selection of video sources
Use swipe gestures to easily scroll through all your video sources in a cover-flow-like view.
– Window groups
Select groups of windows and move/resize or change window settings for the whole group at once.

eyeUNIFY stable (first release)


Readme:First release


Readme:First release


Readme:First release