eyeUNIFY Software Overview

The Idea behind eyeUNIFY

eyeUNIFY is a new professional wall management software, setting new technological standards. The modular, web-based concept of the software allows for operation across platforms, different operating systems and a freely scalable number of clients.

As an open-source project, eyeUNIFY is available for free to all users and can be adapted to the client’s specialist wishes by eyevis, the clients themselves or third parties such as system integrators. The new software fulfils all common requirements of control room software. Due to its open-source concept, it remains extraordinarily adaptable and open for future developments. Furthermore, eyevis offers several gradations of professional service.


eyeUNIFY offers four software modules which are combined with one another depending on the kind of application. All modules communicate with each other via the internet.

  • eyeUNIFY.core runs as the central unit on your Java application server and connects to the other modules via SOAP interfaces
  • eyeUNIFY.ctrl is the web frontend and thus the interface in any browser
  • eyeUNIFY.exec creates the image content to be displayed either centralized on a split-controller or decentralized with spread displays and video walls
  • eyeUNIFY.link provides the possibility to connect each third-party suppliers’ devices such as media controllers over Telnet or RS232


eyeUNIFY is placed under GNU General Public License as free software and is offered free of charge. This concept grants low entry costs as well as the possibility to develop one’s own functionalities or to have them developed. The source code is disclosed and offers maximum transparency and security. All further developments are also open source and available to all users.