How to contribute

There are different ways to get involved and contribute to eyeUNIFY. You can start by joining the eyevis community and ask your questions or help others. Alternatively you can create a account at our developer platform to report bugs or submit idea/request. If you miss your languages or you are not satisfy with the current translation you can also submit new translations. If you are a programmer and want to contribute new code or improvements your also welcome to join the development team.

Join the Community

Feel free to join the eyevis Community to share your knowledge or ask your questions. Just follow the link and create a new account to answer or ask questions. There is a separated category for eyeUNIFY.
eyevis Community

External account development platform

You can create a external account to the development platform of eyeUNIFY. On this platform you can report bugs, submit ideas and vote for all issues. You don’t need to be a developer to join there. This account is the easiest way to tell us what you wish to see in the next versions and what bugs you found.

Get in contact with us

If you want to translate eyeUNIFY or have some improvements of current translations just full fill the contact form and we get in contact.

If you are a developer and want to submit code or join the development team just full fill the form and say hello with a short description of you.

Get in contact with us

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